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Bridging the Gap Between the Medical Visit and Real Life


IMG_5504-0.pngWritten by Janie Charlot, FNP-C


There is no better way for me to connect my love for health and fitness than by doing it as a Family Nurse Practitioner. Over the past 10yrs, I have worked in the acute care, urgent care, primary care, retail healthcare settings, and have provided numerous local community healthcare services. As a nurse, I am trained to take care of patients in a holistic, non-judgmental, caring manner regardless of their background on any level.


There is no surprise that many of the chronic diseases we see today such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Cardiovascular Disease, Hyperlipidemia, and Cancer are linked to our diets. My approach to patients has always been for them to be advocates of their own health; encouraging them to take responsibility and accountability to live their best healthy lives. My biggest obstacle to this has been having the time to provide the necessary coaching and discussions with patients about behavior and lifestyle modification in the short and rushed medical office visit. In the 15-20 minute office visit, patients are often told by their healthcare provider of their lack of exercise, sedentary lifestyles, increased weight, or other habits that are leading to a decline in their health. Patients are then left unable to make the necessary changes on their own that will last. It has been my biggest interest to help bridge the gap between that of the office visit and real life. It has been my biggest interest to take things a step further and provide health coaching to patients outside the medical visit. I enjoy helping others set goals, realizing their own potential, and achieving those goals. It is imperative that we bring back the missing element in healthcare of accountability.


Today’s average family is busy juggling a 40 plus hour work week, children, homework, after school activities, etc. It is important for me to assess the daily life and stressors of patients in their natural setting to be of the most help in getting them to achieve a lifestyle change. A stay at home mother of 2 toddlers will have a different eating pattern than the single woman working a corporate job 5 days per week. Because life is hectic and unpredictable, I offer a flexible partnership to patients who are seeking more in-depth knowledge to achieve their health and fitness goals with face to face sessions, online sessions, e-mails, telephone, etc. Whatever method that works best for them and their Lives, is what works best for me. 


Bridging this gap has never been so critical. I am just excited that I can enjoy the best of both worlds!




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August 2, 2015 Starts the Next NP Way: Change Your BIO(Body Inside & Out) Health & Fitness Challenge for Men & Women!


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Are We Practicing What We Preach To Our Patients?


Written by Janie Charlot FNP-C



Just a few years back as I was leaving work one evening from a hospital, I could not help but to observe several people in the designated smoking area. Half of those people were hospital staff, and the other half were visitors and patients. At that moment I began to think about my purpose for promoting a life of good health. I knew it was my job to teach healthy habits to others, but at that moment I realized I needed to illustrate a life of healthy habits as well. It wasn’t just enough for me to be able to teach others, I needed to be able to put it into practice too!


Although we may be doctors, nurses, therapist, nutritionist, etc.; We are still subject to the same temptations of smoking, alcohol, caffeine, over-eating, stress, drug use, and the ins and outs of life.  When I walked out of the hospital that day, it occurred to me:  What would I have thought as a patient if I had seen my Healthcare Provider lighting up another one in the designated smoking area? It is definitely something to think about. Are we reflecting the picture of health in ourselves that we expect out of our patients? Can patients really trust what we are saying about nutrition and heart disease if we are severely overweight and smokers ourselves?



I don’t have any statistical data to rattle off (although studies are out there), but being in the healthcare industry for many years, I can tell you that as healthcare providers we have to practice what we preach. I use WE, because it applies to me and all those delivering healthcare in some fashion to the public.


Here’s what I have found that may hinder healthcare providers from portraying the look of perfect health to their patients:


High Stress Positions

Outside demands such as low customer service scores, high patient volume, low reimbursement from insurance companies, staffing & workflow issues, no paid time off, & outside competition often place stress on healthcare providers.


Feelings that the same statistics and guidelines don’t apply to them 

Many healthcare providers do not have a PCP (Primary Care Provider) themselves. Therefore, many national screening guidelines such as yearly physicals, cholesterol checks, blood sugars, mammograms, etc. are going undone by healthcare providers. Consequently, chronic diseases can easily set in.


Lack of Balanced Life

Healthcare providers often spends a great deal of time caring for their patients, families, and communities that they fail to maintain a healthy lifestyle for themselves. Easy to pick up food or even office deliveries lead to eating unhealthy and  over-indulging. Long work hours can hinder  time dedicated for exercise.




With more and more people having access to care and choosing to visit their healthcare providers more often, we have to be able to practice what we preach! We want our patients to be able to trust us and that requires preaching and practicing the part!


Abs are built in the kitchen but they still need work!

Killer workout!  Try it today!


About Change Your BIO

We are Certified Family Nurse Practitioners who have teamed up to provide individuals with the necessary tools, education, coaching, and plans to gain and maintain a life of good HEALTH from the expertise and guidance of Health Practitioners. We know that being healthy consists of knowing and taking care of your Body Inside & Out (BIO).