You Are a Mom and You’re Overweight: So Here’s The Question

Written by Janie Charlot, FNP-C



I wanted to kick this article off with some real deal honest information. There are levels to this health thing, but the bare basics are so important to cover. When new moms, old moms, and all moms in between come to me as patients and ask about health and weight loss, I cannot even attempt to give any of them health tips, clean eating information, workout regimens, balancing the work/family/fitness life tips without asking her this question: Do you want to make health and fitness a top priority in your life? We all seem to find the time to do what we deem as important to us. This question often leads me into assessing her entire work/life schedule from the time she wakes up to the time she goes to sleep each day to see where the changes can occur. Sometimes the changes are easy to make, and sometimes not so easy. Nevertheless, it starts with wanting to make the necessary changes. Now ask yourself: Do I want to make health and fitness a priority in my life and where do I need to implement the changes in my work/life schedule? This question is not about your husband or significant other, your children, your job, your friends, or all the other responsibilities you may have. It’s about YOU. Take some time and really think about the question!



As mothers, we often feel the need to be all things to all people. We care for our homes, want to be the best PTA mom, excel in our jobs, honor our parents, help our siblings, and the list can go on. But the one person we neglect most often is ourselves! Eating a balanced meal and working out are on the bottom of our “to do” lists until we either look up in the mirror one day and see a very run down woman looking back, find ourselves snapping at the smallest thing that our child has done way too often, or realizing we no longer have the energy to be playful with our kids. I am here to tell you that if you as a mother do not keep your health a top priority, you are truly doing your child/children a dis-service. Keep in mind that health encompasses the mind, body, and soul.  We pass more than just genetics down to our children. We pass down all the good and bad habits as well including eating patterns, physical activity or inactivity, and coping skills of everyday life stressors. Our children are watching everything we do.



So I get it, I really do! You work full time and you cannot work-out in the morning because you have to drop the kids off to school to get to work on time. Then you cannot work-out in the evenings because you have to pick the kids up from school/after-care and get home to prepare dinner and do homework.  Now the weekend rolls around and you cannot work-out at that time either because you have to grocery shop, run errands, attend a social function, do laundry, help a family member, and so on. Well, you are right! You will not be able to work-out because you have just put all of these other things ahead of getting to the gym. So before you can even figure out how to maintain health and fitness in your life, how to teach your children to put the ipad and video games away and get active, or even how to meal prep; you must ask yourself the simple question first, Do I want to make this a top priority in my life?


As  a Healthcare Provider, I am addicted to transformation! Helping  patients transform their thoughts from the inside out on all physical, emotional, and spiritual levels so that they can live their most healthy and optimal life! I want this for hardworking moms too!

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