Aug 2, 2015 Starts Our Next Health & Fitness Challenge! Get Your Health Back!







August 2, 2015 Starts the Next NP Way: Change Your BIO(Body Inside & Out) Health & Fitness Challenge for Men & Women!


There is No Better Way to Get Your Health Back Than to Do it With Family Nurse Practitioners Who Know What Your Body Needs Both Inside and out! With Fall Time Around the Corner and Children Going Back To School, Learn How To Get Your Whole Family More Active, Prepare Healthier Meals, and Adopt a Lifestyle That Will Keep You and Your Family Living Healthier Longer. Don’t Put on Those Fall and Winter Pounds This Year.



* Accountability 


* Two Certified Family  Nurse Practitioners


* Learn How to Eat to Live


* Learn How to Work Around Your Chronic Health Conditions


* Get 1 on 1 Time on Adopting a Healthy Lifestyle


*Ask All the Questions You’ve Always Wanted to Ask Your Primary Care Provider


* Be led By Example With Your Workouts and Meal Preps


* Do This In a Confidential Way From Anywhere In the World




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About Change Your BIO

We are Certified Family Nurse Practitioners who have teamed up to provide individuals with the necessary tools, education, coaching, and plans to gain and maintain a life of good HEALTH from the expertise and guidance of Health Practitioners. We know that being healthy consists of knowing and taking care of your Body Inside & Out (BIO).